Ditching the chair and standing up in company conferences improves higher collaboration in teams by increasing engagement and flow of ideas, researchers at Washington University have found.Sitting on your chair for long periods is the main cause for backaches and alternative health issues. However, have you ever thought that sitting on a chair for long can hamper your creativeness too? Researchers believe that!Chairs could seem like a wonderful plan for long conferences; however, they really make you territorial and groggy. As per the analysis done by Washington University academicians, standing up throughout company conferences will stimulate folks each mentally and physically. Standing meetings can make your employees more focused, alert, and artist... Read More

Virtual offices could be your answer if you are looking for cost-effective alternative to fixed office spaces. You should select your virtual office carefully as it will affect your business growth in many ways. Check for factors like additional virtual office services offered, flexibility in terms of service packages and tenure allowed and don’t forget the importance of location of your virtual office.Some people believe that because it is all virtual, the location does not hold any importance. It is a misconception, which contradicts one of the prime benefits of the virtual offices, i.e., the address. Virtual offices provide a prestigious address to your business and t... Read More

Whether you run a small business, or work as a freelancer, or are a solo entrepreneur, you would be happy to know that sharing a workspace could help you save money for your business.Working from home might be a good option in terms of saving money, but when you actually calculate the cost of making your home office, and equip it with all your professional requirements, you will realise that a home office is not as cheap as it seems to be.In other words, your home office can cost you more than renting a physical office space. It might also hamper your work productivity due to lack of a working environment. Sharing a workspace is a cost-effective alternative and offer additional benefits of a serviced office space.The... Read More

Chances are there that ‘cubicles’ might be an uncommon term for you. The cubicle arrangement in offices has been vanishing in the last fifteen years. Offices with open work spaces are considered better nowadays. However, many arguments are in favour and against both of the options.Open Work SpacesAdvantages 1 . Maximum utilisation of floor space and less furniture makes it a cost effective affair. 2 . A single utilisation of floor space and less furniture makes it a cost effective affair. 3 . Open spaces develop a sense of community among the employees and establishes coordination and pace between the different departments. 4 . Hierarchical barriers between managers and their subordinates... Read More

Each time an entrepreneur decides to begin with a new business, there are a lot of things to get done in a limited span of time and the lack of budget may lead the entrepreneur to think that every task has to be finished by himself, which in reality is ineffective.The most common mistake that newbie entrepreneurs make, and the reason most start-ups end up in disappointment is that they take the wrong step without the correct tools or guidance. For most companies beginning is the most difficult step, thus, appointing the right professionals to guide and help you is the smartest move to make. Keep in mind that investing is directly proportional to revenue. Don’t expect profit to achieve out of thin air without investing a single penny, however getting help from financial... Read More

Working in coworking spaces can be awesome for all the perfect reasons. Working on same desk provides you with greater opportunities of learning, collaborating, and networking that any other working platform can only wish for. However, you might be a solopreneur who has never worked in a shared space, you may be someone who finds it difficult to focus among babble from colleagues, or, you may be anybody who still needs to figure out how to pick the best office space for sharing that is affordable and of high quality too.!We are here to help you with these quick five checklist that may help you choose the best coworking space and get the best of it.  Office amenitiesAlways enquire about the additional amen... Read More

What comes to your mind, when you think about your ‘Boss’? He/she may be stubborn, adamant, partial, and just wants to be heard first.Don’t worry, we’re not friends with your boss. In fact, most of us feel the same way when we think about our bosses.However, every one of us wants to a boss one day. Everyone wants to manage a team. Then what? Well, you can be a leader rather than being a boss. Here are few tips that can help you become an able leader and create a great impact on your co-workers.Listen MoreWant to be heard? Start listening first. A leader lends his/her ears to all his teammates. Take their suggestions and ideas, discuss all the possibilities, and then make a decision un... Read More

Serviced offices have become quite popular in past few years. They offer countless benefits in terms of flexibility, competence, and costs.They also have numerous benefits over traditional offices, catering to specific needs of every business. Here are few key advantages of serviced offices that make them one stop solution for several businesses operating today: 1. Start-up CostsIf you choose a traditional brick and mortar office, then your start-up costs can be astronomical that include:• Furniture and equipment• Fit-out costs• Fixtures and fittings• Deposits for rental as well as leasehold propertiesAll this comes under your expenditure for renting a tradi... Read More

Like every boss, if you are also concerned with the number of tea breaks in office your employees take, then you should get your hand on the new study that suggests tea breaks actually help in unlocking the hidden potential.Yes, it is true! The research was carried out by the Unilever Food Giant researchers and accepted by a scientific journal. Lead scientist Suzanne Einother said: “These findings appear to confirm what many of us suspect, that the ‘sacred’ ritual of the tea break can effectively boost your mood, which in turn can lead to other benefits such as improved ability of problem solving.” Not every tea break means wasting time in office, rather it helps employees to boost productivity. Read More

Promotion does not only mean increase in your salary but it also comes with added job responsibilities. As the famous saying goes, “With power come great responsibilities”.The general misconception is that to get a promotion in job, you have to do overtime, show up early in office, leave late, and show that all you are enthusiastic about is work. It is not true at all.If you are longing for a promotion in your job, read the following possible reasons.You might be missing that skillEvery job position requires specific skills. You should know what skills you need for the role to which you want to get promoted. You can find it out from someone who is currently at that position o... Read More