For an entrepreneur, it is necessary to have a far-sighted vision, creative abilities and solution seeking approach. Banking on these traits, an entrepreneur should be able to come up with a great product or service that the customer wants and is ready to pay for.But, how does financial management matter when there exists a strong product base on the other hand? The experts would surely prefer to save money in either of the conditions as they know it takes time for the market to see the true worth of the product. However, to keep the business afloat it is good to have some money saving tips on hand, like the following ones.Barter Professional ServicesFor an entrepreneur, the most difficult part is to&n... Read More

Serviced offices have become quite popular in past few years. They offer countless benefits in terms of flexibility, competence, and costs.They also have numerous benefits over traditional offices, catering to specific needs of every business. Here are few key advantages of serviced offices that make them one stop solution for several businesses operating today: 1. Start-up CostsIf you choose a traditional brick and mortar office, then your start-up costs can be astronomical that include:• Furniture and equipment• Fit-out costs• Fixtures and fittings• Deposits for rental as well as leasehold propertiesAll this comes under your expenditure for renting a traditional of... Read More

For every business, keeping employees happy and motivated is one of the most challenging and important tasks. These days, more companies are utilizing resources to create a healthy office environment to achieve the goal of creating an healthy and happy environment for their employees.You need something more than health and safety rules with some amount of budget. Lets take a look, how you can improve your office designs for the sake of your employees’ health.Fresh Air and SunlightA recent report published by Health Government says that these days 75% people who start their day early in the morning and end up late are deficient of Vitamin D. Rese... Read More

A new possession brings with itself new excitement. If you are looking forward to a new office location, you must check the availability of some technologies in the premises so that you can run your business without hassles.You have to take care of everything from phone lines to final fitouts. It may sound tiring, but it will not be difficult if you go systematically and start with a plan. Here are some technological set ups that you must check while going for a new office location.Internet ServicesIt is impossible today to work without internet. Employees need internet to stay connected.Look around in the area and find out the best service provider, who suits your particular busine... Read More

When was the last time your colleague gave you tips on how to deal with anger at work? Not so long ago, right! It is usual to have such situations at work that make you rage in no time. The reason behind such situations could be any, like, someone took credit of your efforts or bullies you at workplace. These situations are part of routine and you definitely cannot afford to divert your attention and time to these things. Hence, you need to learn few things about anger management in office.Don’t Rush With Your WordsThe immediate and impulsive response that we give to any unwanted situation does more harm than a no response. An immediate response could make the situation worse for you, rather you should main... Read More

From ancient times, plants have been an eternal part of human life. Whether it is our mental, physical, or spiritual well-being, plants always play a positive role in our lives. Having garden around your house is always rejuvenating. It adds to the beauty and a sense of liveliness to the house. But what about your office, the place, where you spend a large part of your day.Studies show that having plants in office can boost employee productivity as compared to a workplace with no greenery. Plants affect the work productivity in many ways.Enhance ProductivityExperiments have shown that work productivity goes up by 15% if plants are there in the office. The reason being, plants have direct eff... Read More

Today’ era, also known as technology era, is about understanding the requirements, looking for solutions and implementing the same in the most appropriate manner. The current designs of offices in business centers light up the hope that future office designs will be beyond our imagination. A glance at current office designs confirms that technology has made the workplace far better, mobile and accessible than the traditional cubical structure.Get going with portability!Moving outside the traditional setup is not an easy job that too when you have to carry the important stuff. For corporate employees, few years back it was a difficult thing to imagine. With the changing trend, business centers and corpora... Read More

No one would deny that the first impression of an office is primarily based on looks, which include the interior, furnishing, and cleanliness. It is important for an office to look good to create the first impression on the employees, clients or any visitor. Especially, for the employees the office interiors contribute in creating a suitable working environment.Studies say that soothing surroundings can help the employees to be more productive in a workplace. If you are one of those who are looking forward to renovate your office or want to switch to a new one, then try to include the following things in the office interiors: Colour SchemeEvery colour has its o... Read More

One can never afford to avoid health, but health issues become unavoidable, especially when you are following an inactive routine. The employees, who spend maximum time at desk, need to know the right office chair type for them. Most of the companies fail to understand the reason behind increased physical health issues among the employees, which arise because they don’t pay much heed to the furniture. The chair on which employees sit for non-stop hours should be comfortable and designed to provide enough back support.Brand and Price Don’t MatterWhen you are choosing the right type of office chair, do not go with the brands. The... Read More

India is set to become the youngest country within the next 5 years. While every third person in India is a youth, the good news is that the youth is all geared up to make India the new arena for start-ups. New graduates from engineering and management schools look forward to start their own ventures and become entrepreneurs rather than taking up the conventional job route. This has led to the emergence of a number of new start-ups and businesses across various industrial verticals.The ScenarioThe statistics as per a latest survey by Mancer Consulting, an executive search firm show that the number of young entrepreneurs coming up with their own start-ups, instead of going for a... Read More