On the same track like Bangalore, Pune is also turning into a hub for startups that are really high in energy. On one hand, we see that Mumbai awaits smart BKC like projects and on another location like Connaught Place in Delhi tops the Office Space Market in India. With such a neck-to-neck competition, Pune is holding its feet straight and beating the blues of the city by offering tons of opportunities for the startups in the form of business centres in Pune. Read More

Are you well prepared to start a new business? Do you have everything ready to meet the obstacles ahead? Every business needs a start-up team that manages day-to-day operations and achieve business goals.However, if you’re still confused on hiring a suitable start-up team, then read on to find out who to hire. These five start-up employees are important right from the start of your business.The Money MindedYour business aims to earn money and you need someone to manage the money well. This person should know how to manage the funds and distribute them among different departments of your office. There would be a need to search for the best prices of things and work out the salaries of the employees.A Pool of Conta... Read More

If you are a sales person at a business centre, you would have already listed some types of callers you usually attend. With a curiosity to know more about it, we interviewed sales executives from different business centres in Delhi/NCR.Here are the 8 types of callers that we found common in all the interviews. 1. The Question MarksThey ask questions but don’t wait for the answers. They are ready with their next question even before their first one is answered.2. The StorytellersThey don’t have questions, instead they have stories to tell. They want to share their experiences, grievances and a lot more. Read More

Do you feel that company meetings are not as effective as they are supposed to be? Is effective meetings oxymoron for you?The truth is, if you are managing a team, you cannot avoid a meeting with them. A face-to-face discussion is necessary at times. Meetings also play a role in team building.Some meeting etiquette can help you to conduct effective meetings. Here are some ways you can make company meetings worth coming for the attendees.Time is Money!Nobody likes lengthy meetings. According to a survey conducted by a business centre in Delhi, 34% of the respondents said that lengthy, time-consuming meetings affect their work pro... Read More

Connaught Place is one of the oldest business hubs in India. Located in the heart of New Delhi, it has been serving as an ideal business location in Delhi since years. There is no doubt that Connaught Place tops the office space market in India and businesses have every reason to choose it over any other location. However, Connaught Place is now getting tough competition from the newly developed area of Aerocity in South Delhi.Located at the footsteps of Gurgaon, Aerocity has all the potential to be the next Central Business District (CBD) of Del... Read More

There has never been a better time to start a business than now. Entrepreneurship is not a far-fetched dream anymore. The technological advancements have led to many innovative business ideas and turned them into reality. You don’t need to spend on expensive advertisement campaigns any more, social media offers a cheaper and effective alternative. People are now more open and welcoming to small businesses and trust new talents. It is no more a problem to get funds for a good and potential idea for small business.If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, looking for an idea for... Read More

You spend most of your day in your office with your colleagues. Work becomes fun with the good ones, whereas some make office a nightmare.Just like the world outside, an office is a mix of different people with different characteristics. However, there are certain types of people, you are most likely to meet in an office.1. The Always buzz-y OneThe “always – buzzy” ones are too busy in gossiping around. They think it’s their prime job to “spread the word” around.2. The Boss’ All-Time FavouriteThey are like the teacher’s pet you used to have in school. They are always seeking a chance to impress the boss and flatten him with praises.3. The... Read More

Pune has been a central market for sectors like banking, insurance, and finance since a long time. The main areas from where these sectors operated were Shivaji Nagar and Deccan Gymkhana areas. But as time progressed, city’s growth paced and reachability to Mumbai improved, the market there expanded which in turn triggered the growth of more operative business locations.Deccan, housing a number of basic office premises, remained the central point of business for long. As bigger brands entered into the picture, factors of location and reach became more important. T... Read More

Do you wish to become an entrepreneur? But don’t know where to start from? If you want to become an entrepreneur, then make sure you pass through the test of being an intrapreneur first.The modern-day corporate culture is changing. Hierarchy in organisations is becoming a history. Leadership is no more limited to only few levels. In fact, every individual is now responsible for his or her own work. All the individuals now look after their own targets, risks, and rewards.The kind of work environment without much of senior-junior relationships is a good one, especially if you aspire to be an entrepreneur. Become an i... Read More

How many times have you delayed a project due to lack of information, or misunderstandings among co-workers. Communication in office is important, but effective communication is crucial. Until the expectations are not conveyed clearly, an adequate execution is not possible. Be it within the organization or with clients and other external links, communication goes in vein if it is not effective.Effective communication cannot be defined universally as everyone has different opinions. Some expect to be informed about everything that is going on in the company, whereas some want to know only about the department they deal with.When everybody has different criteria for effective communication, the first step is to know what exactly to communicate, keeping... Read More

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