To run a successful venture, you need to establish good business relations. Every business involves a number of stakeholders, including the owner, partners, shareholders, employees and of course your clients. Be it a traditional office or a business centre, all of them combined play a key role in your company’s success.If you own a company, then you should realise that business networking is important. Once you make them, maintaining those relations is equally important. Business relationship management is an essential office skill. Try these 4 techniques to have strong business relations.Keep it face-to-faceYou cannot rely on e-mails, chat messa... Read More

Hyderabad is one of the major I.T hubs in India that holds many global giants like Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and Google. Within a short span of time, the city has achieved new heights as the pharmaceutical and heavy engineering sector come into existence. These positive aspects attract businesses’ attention worldwide, and consequently, more and more businesses are looking forward to opting a workspace in the city.According to a survey conducted by JLL, Hyderabad witnessed a jump in net absorption of office spaces at 1.9 million sq. ft, making it a viable spot for every entrepreneur looking for office space in Hyderabad.In this post, we’ll discuss the reasons you must... Read More

In metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai, corporate meetings aren’t the preferred workplace activities, still there are no options available for people to run away from them in day-to-day routine. The situation becomes more complex, when you feel drowsy in a post-lunch meeting. Post lunchtime, your body is occupied in the digestion process that shifts the attention from work. But there are ways that can help you achieve more from corporate meetings and make you feel less sleepy.Avoid Heavy LunchKick start your day with heavy breakfast and split your further meals in two or more sections. The body can work efficiently and help you not to shift the focus and avoid mistakes. It is also important to include protein, fibre and limited amount of carbs in the... Read More

The seventh largest metropolitan in India, Ahmedabad, is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. The economy of the city has developed immensely over the last decade, thanks to the advancement in activities related to the fields of commerce, communication and construction. The increasing commercialisation has resulted in the growth of many business hubs in Ahmedabad. The latest names added to the list of business hubs in Ahmedabad is Corporate Road.Corporate Road was not what it is now a couple of years back. There were only a few offices operating from there, but now it has become one of most sought after business locations in Ahmedabad. The area has seen the rise of best of buildings on both sides of the wide roads that gives it the tag of posh area.... Read More

Over the decade, the trend of the workplace has changed, transitioning from cubicles to larger, shared office spaces. And if you’re looking for a location to choose a workspace, look no further than Chennai. The place is the second largest software exporting state with many renowned companies like Accenture, HCL, HP, IBM, TCS, Wipro, and a lot more.For startups and medium scale businesses, a collaborative workspace serves as an alternative to conventional office spaces. When you are in a shared office in Chennai, you’ll likely to work on projects through a wicked fast internet connection and enjoy amenities like reception and pantry services.Here are the top reasons to choose a Read More

A recently published article outlined the budding concept of having meeting rooms near airport in Delhi. People who are keen to learn how to conduct effective meetings have realized the emergence of airport meeting rooms are in their favor. There are keys reasons that confirm the long innings of this trend in the market.Cost effective methodThe meeting rooms near airports act as one cost-effective method. It helps companies not to invest in the accommodation and transportation for not-so-long meetings. The variation in the prices listed for the meeting rooms near airport is comparatively low to the overall estimation of... Read More

India is a vast country with wide a range of diverse cultures, traditions and languages spread over its twenty nine states. Each city has unique feature and could give you an experience entirely different from the other. The country is developing on the industrial and corporate front too. Today, large companies as well as new entrepreneurs look up to India as an appropriate business location. India has become the new hub for start-ups and job opportunities. States in India offer a diversity of industrial backgrounds with availability of different resources and feasibility level. We have listed 10 cities in India that have high potential to become start-up hub in India.1. HyderabadIt is among those cities where India’s IT Revolution is at its pace. T... Read More

Sitting on the manager’s seat is a three-way task. You have to keep the customers happy, that is important for the business. You have to keep your boss happy, that is important for your job. You must keep your employees happy too, as it is important to keep the other two happy.Happy employees ensure better work results. Especially, if you are in the service industry, it becomes important to have a well-maintained staff to provide unmatched services. An unhappy employee can create stress among other employees, thus reducing the productivity or damaging the work environment.So if you are at the decision-making level, follow these tips to manage your employees.1. Make yourself accessibleReach out to your employees to... Read More

Gurgaon, the rapidly developing city has emerged as a one-stop destination for all types of business. Almost all big companies doing business in India have their office set up in Gurgaon. Among the major names in the list of business locations, the newest one is Sohna Road, Gurgaon.Sohna road seems to be a better option in Gurgaon when one looks at the crowded location of MG Road and high cost of property at Cyber City. Not only that, the location has other benef... Read More

There are many entrepreneurs and proprietors who require to manage physical as well as virtual office setup. Both the offices can be used for different set of people like home office for employees and the virtual office for clients. As you are investing in both the setups, it is important to make the best use of a virtual office space and the home office at the same time.Use one address everywhereIt is not a wise idea to share your home office address in all the communications that you do with clients. On other hand, using your virtual office address can be a benificial idea. How? The virtual office address helps other to identify y... Read More

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