Coworking spaces, especially in Gurgaon, are popping up with the ground-breaking growth of freelancers and flexible work arrangement- thanks to evolving technology!The fact of the matter is freelancers have now turned into a successful business managing a team of over 100 employees. If you want to choose a shared office in Gurgaon, consider coworking space in Udyog Vihar or coworking space on Sohna Road, Gurgaon. These locations are prominent commercial hubs and home to many compan... Read More

The modern corporate setup is changing drastically. Unlike yesterday, today you have custom solutions available as per your requirements. Meeting rooms and business centres in Delhi and other metro cities have becoming very common. This means you have more options available to cater the single need, but you also need to learn the pros and cons of different meeting room setups. It is important to educate yourself about the negative impact of your choices. You will find a plenty of meeting room options in business centres and you need to learn how to pick the best type of meeting room.Cabaret Style Meeting RoomsThe C... Read More

If you’ve been bitten by the startup bug and now the idea of setting up an office space in Bangalore is buzzing in your mind, pause your thoughts for a while.It’s indeed good to start a new venture but there are few things you need to consider. And among them, the location’s something that should be on your utmost priority. Choosing a locality can significantly make or break your business. Of course, no business wants to opt for an area that cannot be easily accessible, lack of talented workforce, and improper facilities.Despite there are many business-centric locations in Bangalore, there’s nothing could be better than coworking space i... Read More

Seeing the large number of options available in the market today, deciding on the office space in Delhi is one of the most complex decisions for anyone to take. While starting a new venture or shifting your virtual office to a physical one, facing challenges is common. You should be well-aware of the office space requirement for your venture, before initiating the search for the same.Estimate It CorrectlyHaving a a space which is too spacious or small, doesn’t serve the purpose. You should sketch the office space requirement considering the location and nature of business in mind. The clear estimations will help you, passing the closest r... Read More

Gurgaon, undoubtedly, has become a hub for multinationals and corporate giants, thus most firms are heading to the city for their office space. Because of the top cost of office space, each organisation faces a typical issue of how to pick the best business centre in Gurgaon.If you’re struggling with the same, below are the tips that will help you choose the ideal business centre in Gurgaon. 1. Location: A well-connected location helps in support your business reputation. Remember that the business building you choose will hugely affect your business differently. The kind of services an... Read More

We spend a major time at our workplace. Sometimes, our working hours even exceed the time we give to our family or friends. So, it is wise to make your office desk a comfy place. Whether you are in a coworking space or a serviced office in Delhi or any city, consider keeping these top five essentials on your office desk. 1. To-do list: It’s important for you to start your day by making a short list of pending tasks that will move you forward. This will help you focus on important tasks which are on priority. Make sure you avoid getting distracted. 2. Water Bottle... Read More

The business centre industry is based on services. Customer feedback is a major part in the success of a business centre. If you run a business centre in New Delhi, Mumabi or any other city, here are 6 ways to help you get better feedback from your customers. Prospective clients of business centres generally ask the existing occupants and try to know more about their experiences in the particular business centre. They give a truer picture for them.This becomes the most important way to receive a better customer fe... Read More

The idea of business expansion comes with a challenge of setting up a commercial real estate, which is no more virtual in the presence. But is it the right time to do so? The answer is simple, explore the feasibility of moving out in an actual corporate office and see if the balance in your company account is enough too. But the questions don’t stop here! What if your business demands an actual business space and your budget doesn’t allow to do so! Should you drop the idea of expansion and growth? No!Calculate the Expense and your ability to pay for Office SpaceIt is wise to move ahead, but it is also important to understand the pace respect to your ability to drive the growth. Renting an Read More

Mumbai is a well-known city in India and is among the top five cities in the country to do business. This has let to a boom in number of business centres in Mumbai. Unarguably, renting an office space in a business centre can offer you a multitude of benefits. Localities like Bandra Kurla Complex East (BKC East) offers multiple options to all kinds of clientele. When it comes to choosing the right space, nothing outshines like shared workspaces. These coworking spaces in Bandra Kurla Complex East, nowadays, are getting popular among startups and... Read More

Most organizations, especially startups and medium scale businesses, are looking for office space that’s cost-effective and well-equipped with countless facilities. And this is where the importance of coworking space comes in. These flexible shared spaces allow you to work in a collaborative work environment with like-minded individuals. If you are looking for office space in a prestigious location, nothing could be better than coworking space in DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon. From beautiful landscapes to sky-high buildings, DLF Cyber City has become largest business integrated district of the country. For an effective workspace, consider choosing a business centre in... Read More

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