Are you looking for new office space? How about a ready-to-use serviced office space, without a long lease term? Wouldn’t it be great! Serviced office solutions offer you just what you need.Many companies now prefer serviced offices instead of conventional office spaces because of the flexibility they offer with professional services. Whether it is a small business, MNCs, freelancers or solo traders, businesses of all type can benefit from serviced office solutions.The myths about business centres are... Read More

Have you ever been to a new restaurant and just came back, without trying the food just because you did like the ambience there? It is human nature to judge a book by its cover.The look and feel of any place, like your office, is important in order to create the desired first impression on your visitors. People tend to have a mind set about your business based on your office. Your office design must be appealing enough to hold them back. Be Yourself!The boring greys and blacks, intended to bring out the corporate... Read More

Health remains a prime concern for the people working in different walks of life. Companies are coming up with creative ideas, associating with Health Institutions, offering mobility to work from home or elsewhere, but a recent study shows on an average Open Plan Offices score only 6.1 for health and 6.5 for productivity, when it comes to staying healthy and productive in their working environment. The picture changes when we look at the scores of companies, which offer work from home facilities. People working from home score 8.1 for health and 7.7 for productivity.Less Health ProblemsThese days people fall ill mostl... Read More

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